Jolie Beauty - Laminated Eyebrow Gel

    Jolie Beauty - Laminated Eyebrow Gel

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      Introducing the Jolie Beauty LAMINATED Eyebrow Gel. If you are looking for stand-out brows, then this truly is going to change the game. Inspired by the soap brow technique that traditional makeup artists would use, they wanted to create a product that needed no water activation - making this easier and more streamlined for your makeup kit. Great eyebrows, on the go! 

      How to use it

      LAMINATED clear eyebrow gel can be applied directly from the container usinga biodegradable spoolie or an eyebrow brush and comb, duo.

      Brush a small amount of the eyebrow gel through the hairs and there is no waiting for setting time. You can simply and easily style the brow hairs how you like them. This clear eyebrow gel will set your brows into place all day with absolutely no sticky residue. You can either leave them styled or add your favourite eyebrow pencil, pen, or pomade over the top. Then it's time to stand back and enjoy your amazing new eyebrows! 

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