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          Brush Sets

          NABLA Ruby Complete Eye Brush Set

          SFr. 39.60SFr. 49.50

          Real Techniques Everyday Essentials Set

          SFr. 36.00

          NABLA Denude Brush Set

          SFr. 39.50

          Moda EZglam DUO - Smoky Eyes

          SFr. 12.00

          NABLA Amethyst Detail Eye Brush Set

          SFr. 32.40SFr. 40.50

          MODA - Minis Travel Eye Kit Pink Holo

          SFr. 14.00

          Sigma Brush Cup Holder - Noir

          SFr. 23.20SFr. 29.00

          MODA - Beautiful Eyes Kit Pink

          SFr. 24.00

          MODA - Beautiful Eyes Purple Brush Kit

          SFr. 24.00

          NABLA Aquamarine Essential Brush Set

          SFr. 50.80SFr. 63.50

          MODA - Posh Pastel Delicate Eye Kit

          SFr. 24.00

          MODA - Minis Travel Eye Kit Purple

          SFr. 14.00

          Moda SPA Face Set

          SFr. 15.20SFr. 19.00

          MODA - Total Face Kit Pink

          SFr. 19.20SFr. 24.00

          MODA - Mythical Splash Travel Kit

          SFr. 24.00

          Moda EZglam DUO - Cat Eye

          SFr. 12.00

          Moda pro - 4pc Finishing Kit

          SFr. 20.00SFr. 25.00

          Jolie Beauty - Ethereal Pro Face Makeup Brush Set

          SFr. 45.20SFr. 56.50

          Moda EZglam DUO - Beautiful Brows

          SFr. 12.00

          Glamlite X Mikayla Paht Two - Brush Set

          SFr. 18.80SFr. 23.50

          MODA - Totally Electric Bright Eye Kit

          SFr. 24.00

          Moda Spa Face Mask Applicator Set

          SFr. 12.00SFr. 15.00

          MODA - Posh Pastel Complete Face Kit

          SFr. 24.00

          MODA - Smoke Show Eye Kit Purple

          SFr. 19.60SFr. 24.50
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