Beauty Blogger Interview Series: Roberta from Réglisse & Myrtilles

by Cindy Chollet-Durand on October 06, 2020

-Why dit you start a blog ?

It was while watching videos on YouTube that I discovered the world of makeup, and I discovered Lodoesmakeup blog. By dint of reading, I told myself "and why not me?". Indeed, I also wanted to share with others my small purchases, my opinions on products and my favorites of the moment. For over a year I only talked about makeup and beauty products on the blog. Over the months I have expanded the topics, and now I also talk about running, sports programs, cooking, photography, travel, etc.


-How often do you publish?

I currently publish between 3 and 5 articles per week, depending on my schedule.


-Your favorite social network (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, other) ?

Instagram because I love photography and share little moments of life, but I'm not looking for the perfect "feed";).


-What does your family and friends think about it? 

For several months I didn't tell them, but then after seeing me taking pictures and spending hours on the computer, I told them. At first they did not understand what it was for, I was not really supported. Today... I think they still do not understand what it's all about, but at least they care and support me a little bit more.

On the other hand I was supported from the beginning by my boyfriend (and his parents), because he is web developer, and he created my current blog. Before I had a not very nice design, and it has changed! And otherwise my colleagues and friends react rather well. I think some people do not really know what a blog is ...


-How do you organize it? Easy to conciliate everyday life with social networks? 

I do not work 100%, so I have a lighter week. My schedule is quite special also, so I manage to organize myself for the blog (photos, tests, emails, writing, responses to comments, etc.). And I love staying at home, so the weekend I have a lot of time to take care of the blog. Regarding social networks, I'm not super active, but I try to publish at least once a day.


-Where do you find inspiration for your articles?

Pretty much everywhere ! While I'm running, or going to work (on foot), talking... or I look in my products. As said before, I tackle many topics on the blog, so that I am never lacking inspiration. And I have the chance to regularly receive products to test in collaboration with brands, and I can offer more content in this way.


-Which equipment do you use (camera, lights...)?

I have devoted a whole article about the pictures on the blog; I use a Nikon D90 camera with several lenses. During the winter I often use some sort of boxes / umbrellas of light to have more brightness and for the backgrounds of my pictures I use cardboards found on different websites. All references are on the blog;).


- How do you deal with negative comments ?

I'm lucky not to have received any really negative comment, but I've had 2-3 comments that puzzled me a little and I just trying not to give to much attention to this kind of people :).


-Has your makeup changed since the launch of the blog?

Oh yeah ! I put makeup on my eyes for a little over 3 years, and my very first makeup I had done was without eyeshadow base (it lasted less than 4 hours), and I did not know the word "blending" and the different ways to apply eyeshadow :P. And especially I did not understand the usefulness of the powder, but then I bought one, and I quickly understood why it was important to put it on top of the foundation (well it of course it depends on your skin type and the foundation used). I improved as I practiced, and I think in makeup we keep improving and learning new techniques and trends!


-Your favorite beauty of the moment?

Talc! It has replaced all my powders for the face, it is great on my skin! Otherwise the Red Velvet The Lipstick from Bourjois or the Mad Lash mascara from The Balm, I like it a lot right now, as well as the makeup remover Take The Day Off by Clinique!


-Your opinion on the future of blogging?

It is slowly being replaced by Instagram... People are more and more on their smartphones, which makes blogs sometimes less accessible than from a computer. However, blogs are still widely consulted for informations on products or other topics of daily life. Everything depends on the theme of your blog, it's sad, but I have the impression that today a beauty blog can quickly be replaced by an Instagram account...


-Last question, a tip for those who would like to start blogging?

Have time in front of you, motivation and really ask yourself the question "why do I want to start a blog? ". If the answer is to receive products for free, pass on your turn ;).


We thank Roberta for taking the time to reply to our questions !

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