Correct your dark circles and Imperfections with Color Correctors

by Laura Carando on October 03, 2020

What is it for ?

Color correctors are used to neutralize certain skin "color issue", such as redness, dark circles, dull complexion and many other small imperfections.


How does it work ?

You need to know a little bit about colorimetry or follow our explanation bellow (we like to make your life easier :-))...


Basically, the idea is to work with complementary colors. What is a complementary color ? Well if you look closer at the color wheel you can see that some colors are opposite to others (Green VS Red, Orange VS Blue, etc...).

This means that if you place one of this color on top of the opposite, they will cancel out each other! So makeup wise this means that for example, if your have a red pimple, covering it first with a green corrector will neutralize the redness, the same for a bluish area using a peach corrector, or an orange one for a dark spot.



  • Which color for what ?


It neutralizes dark, brown spots caused by aging or sun damage (for tanned / darker skin tones), or also to correct a blue bruise. On a lighter skin tone it can look harsh so be careful not to use to much product, but instead go for a lighter Peach corrector.



It neutralizes violet areas, like a purple bruise, or if your dark circles have a more purple tone than blue (hard to tell sometimes, see below!). Try the LA Girl Pro Conceal 991 or 995 if you have a lighter complexion and your dark circles are not that dark.



It neutralizes red areas (pimples, rosacea). The most common to use as everyone gets a pimple now and then! You can use it with a pigmented product like the Pro Conceal, or with a light primer prior to applying your foundation (like the Milani one). Also very effective to conceal a sun burn, so basically anything that is red on your skin!


It neutralizes the yellowish and orange areas (LA Girl Pro Conceal 993) (like if you used a little too much of a self tanner...or if you have a sallow complexion). You can mix this one with your primer before applying your foundation for a more uniform effect.


It neutralizes blueish areas (dark circles) on light to medium skin tones. So you're new best friend if you have blueish under eye circles. Also very effective at correcting dark sun spots on light to medium skin tones, bruises or hyperpigmentation.



INFO: How to know if you have more blue or purple under eye circles ?

It's really not always easy to tell, as these shades on the skin can look very similar. The best way is to look at yourself in a mirror with natural lighting, then tilt your head a little down to see these shadows under your eyes better. You see ? Can you now tell if they are slightly blue or purple ?


Steps to get a flawless correction and hide all imperfections

We are looking for a perfect coverage, so we will work with several products in order to achieve the result we want.

1. Spot the areas of your face that need a color correction (might be a pimple, side of your nose that tend to get red, dark undereye circles...) and use a corrector lightly ONLY on those areas. Blend with a brush, a sponge or your fingers.

2. Apply your primer.

3. Apply your regular foundation. Be sure to tap gently the product onto the areas that you corrected before so that you don't move the product that you just applied.

4. If needed, apply a little concealer on top of these areas or imperfections that are still visible. For this step choose a shade that is almost the same as your complexion, or slightly lighter depending on which effect you would like.

5. Set with a powder, and you're done!


If you want a quicker, easier way to do it :

1. Same step

2. Apply your tinted moisturizer and you're done !

Obviously, there are many other ways to get a flawless complexion: in a lighter glowy or matte way .... you will discover that in future articles :-) !

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