How to use glitter's

by Cindy Chollet-Durand on October 06, 2020

2 different type of glitters

First you have to know there are different types of glitters :

  • Loose glitters, they are very volatile (a little like flour), generally in a small jar
  • Pressed glitters, as their name suggest, they have been pressed to be put in a palette. They look like eyeshadow but are not.

It is a matter of personal preference which you want to use. At the end there won't be any major difference in the look of your makeup. What matters is how you apply them to make sure they stay in place all night (or day!).

You have to know that no matter the glitters, they NEVER stay in place by themselves: you always have to use a special product to make sure they stay where you want them to stay, otherwise hello disco ball :-)!


The Liquid Sugar

It is a product made of water and sugar created by the brand Eye Kandy. It is safe for the eyes and will lock your glitters for hours.

It is very liquid at first, so the idea is to mix it with the glitters, then apply the mixture. Once it dries the glitters won't go anywhere until you remove your makeup. For that we advise you use a special oily makeup remover, it will be easier.



So here is the difference between using the Liquid Sugar, or any other glitter base versus not using it. Without any base, it is impossible to avoir having glitters everywhere! And who wants that when you spend quite some time getting ready :-). For this demo we used the Twizzle Sticks glitters from Eye Kandy.


With Liquid Sugar:

You can see on the picture that the glitters look "together", compact. They stay exactly where you want them to be. 

Without Liquid Sugar: 

The glitters stay very loose because in themselves they don't contain anything to stick to the skin, they can go anywhere. 


How to apply them 

You can add gold glitters, silver, or colorful ones, for example: 

  • on top of an eyeshadow 
  • on top of a liner
  • at the inner corner of the eyes to add a touche of light  
  • close to your lower lashes to add some shimmer
  • eventually on the lips, but it won't be very comfortable as you will feel the glitters  
  1. Dip your brush into the "Liquid Sugar" (or any other special glitter base) The best is to use a synthetic brush with a flat shape like the Morphe G20, the Sigma E55 to add glitters on your mobile lid. If you prefer a thin line of glitters than opt for a thinner and more precise brush like the one that comes in the Eye Kandy Kit, or the E65 and E11 from Sigma. 
  2. Then dip your brush into the glitters (same steps wether they are loose or pressed). 
  3. Finally apply the glitters on your lid or on your liner, use pressing motion to ensure there are no fallouts 
  4. Let the mixture dry so look down for a couple of minutes if you applied your glitter on top of your lid or look up if you applied them on your lower lashes. Trick: if you are in a hurry you can use a hair dryer on a low setting !
  5. TADAAA ! Your glitters are locked in and you can go dancing! 


Sometimes we have the feeling adding glitters is too much but if you keep it to a small liner as you can see here, it adds another dimension to your makeup while still being totally wearable.

Don't hesitate to try different techniques and don't forget the only rule of makeup: HAVING FUN ! 

Team Cosmetics Obsession





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