Welcome on the new Cosmetics Obsession's Blog !

by Laura Carando on October 03, 2020


Our blog is back !


Back in 2013 when I created Cosmetics Obsession, not only did I want to create cosmetics store, but also a community where all makeup fans could join and share their passion with others.💄

We can say it's a hit! You are now almost 8,000 to follow our crazy story on Instagram 😍and social media really help us to share our passion with you. Replying to your comments and giving you advice, we love that !

I had though about creating a blog since quite some time to offer you even more. Well it's here now! This will be a place where you will find presentations and pictures of our new products, swatches (searching for hours on Google is over!) and also tips & tricks on some makeup techniques, or our products crushes from the moment. 

We can't wait to see you here !🤩



Founder of Cosmetics Obsession

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by Blair Smith on October 02, 2023

Super interesting post!


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